Just Ten Concept

Means what it says; that I will be printing a limited signed edition of only ten of each image. Each image of the ten edition  may be printed on fine art paper, canvas, brushed aluminium alloy or the very latest medium ChromaLuxe in differing sizes, frames and or mounts. This means that the one you buy in the ten edition will be different to the other nine making it unique.

In some cases I will be printing an image 10 times but all the same size and possibly on the same material. This will be made clear to anyone purchasing one of these images. I have a number of images from my back catalog which I feel should be made available to buy in this way. Some of these have previously be printed in larger editions.

The pricing structure starts with number one being the least expensive, going up in price to the most expensive, number ten. Once the ten images have been sold, the image will be deleted from all databases, but I will keep a low resolution image for my own promotional use.